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Pierce students’ distinctions in PSMUN and SCMUN student conferences

A group of 15 students from Pierce Gymnasium, Lyceum and IB took part in the 12th Platon School Model United Nations (PSMUN) conference, held from March 3 to 5, 2023, whose theme was “Pacifism and Injustice”. With over 400 delegates coming from countries all over the world, our students had the chance to work together in committees, and through constructive dialogue, find solutions to the world’s current pressing issues.

Our students were honored to be selected in the Student Officer Team of the conference, achieving high committee standards and being responsible for chairing more than 40 delegates. The greatest distinction at the conference was achieved by IB2 student, Christoforos Foteinelis, who served as the President of the Legal Committee, while 6 more students had the honor of being Student Officers, a position they occupied after a demanding selection process: Marilia Giannakaki (IB1), Vasiliki Batzoglou (IB1), Foteini Gnardelli (IB1), Konstantinos Goussios (B’ Lyceum), Panagiotis Bouloutas (B’ Lyceum) and Marios Pasoglou (A’ Lyceum).

After a vote of the participants, at the end of the conference, the following Pierce students received the “Best Delegate” Award of their respective committees for their immense participation and contribution in the proceedings: Lambros Katsieris, Ioannis Simitzoglou, Tatiana Defteraiou.

19 Pierce students participated independently in the 2nd St Catherine’s MUN conference (SCMUN, February 18th – 19th). After collaborating with students from all over the country, our students debated on current issues around education and gender equity and proposed solutions to tackle such issues. Panagiotis Bouloutas (B Lyceum), served as the Under Secretary – General for Student Officers, helping with the organization of the conference for the past months.

Six more students served as Student Officers, presiding over their respective committees: Emmanouil Kalathakis, Marilia Giannakaki, Ioanna – Maria Varotsi, Eleonora Strompouli, Serafeim Iakovou and Foteini Gnardelli. Additionally, out of the 12 people who participated as delegates in the conference, 6 of them received an honorable mention for their extensive participation in their committee’s works: Konstantinos Gousios, Christina Antonakou, Dionysios Papachristofilou, Tatiana Defteraiou, Marianna Argeiti and Iris – Maria Chroni.