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Pierce Students at the 2-day event of Classical Sports in Ancient Messini

Pierce students had the opportunity to have a unique experience, participating in the 4th Panhellenic 2-day Event in Classical Sports, which was held from April 6-8, 2022, in Ancient Messini.

Where sports and culture came together, 65 of our students, accompanied by their Physical Education teachers, took part in ancient athletic events, such as the rock throw, the javelin, and running races of one and two stadions, in a special tournament that was organized with great success by the private schools Bouga, from Kalamata.

Through their participation, our students experienced the ancient Greek classical values, such as hospitality, Olympic armistice, fair play, and were rewarded for their competitiveness, with unforgettable memories and of course with the “kotino,” the symbolic wreath that was made from an olive tree branch!