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Pierce student paradigm of honesty and integrity, Fair Play athlete of the Year 2020!

Eleftherios Bakogiannis, outstanding B Lyceum student of Pierce – The American College of Greece, with many successes in student competitions and windsurfing athlete, faced no dilemma when, due to some accounting error, his mother’s bank account was credited with about half a million euro! He contacted bank officials and asked how the sum could be returned!

For our excellent student Lefteris, it was clear from the start that the sum had to be repaid to the credit institution and returned to its rightful owner, therefore demonstrating in practice the honesty and integrity of his character, setting a shining ethical example for the youth of our nation!

At the end of December, the biggest online sports voting Gazzetta Awards 2020 was completed and Lefteris emerged 1st in the Fair Play category of the Year!

Congratulations go to both our exceptional student and brilliant athlete as well as to his family!