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Pierce student K. Kritharidis attends the preparatory camp for the National Computer Science team!

Konstantinos Kritharidis (Pierce A Lyceum student) achieved 10th place nationwide in the very difficult and demanding final phase of the 31st Panhellenic Computer Science Competition, which took place on April 20, 2019 in the labs of the Electrical Engineering & Computer Engineering Department in Polytechnoupoli, Zografou.

Six Pierce students took part in the final phase. From the Gymnasium: Antonios Mandilaras, Efstathios Karalekas and Dimitrios Mostratos. From the Lyceum: Konstantinos Kritharidis, Alexis Papadopoulos-Siountris and Panagiotis Gouvelis.

Following his exceptional success (10th among the 28 Panhellenic winners), Konstantinos will attend the preparatory CAMP, at which the National Computer Science Team will be formed and which will represent our country at international competitions.