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Pierce student in the National Delegation of the European Youth Parliament!

Pierce’s B Lyceum student Sandro Abravanel has been selected to be a member of the national delegation of our country and to represent Greece at the International Session of the European Youth Parliament, in Baku, Azerbaijan, in August 2023.

Sandro took part in the 45th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament of Greece, which took place at the German School of Athens in early April. At the same conference, the A Lyceum student Aikaterini Kateli was selected among other students, to be a member of delegations of the European Youth Parliament in international events, in regional and national conferences.

The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer training program, organized exclusively by young people for young people, under the auspices of the European Commission and the European Parliament. Participants are students from all over Europe who, by engaging in deep discussions about current European and global issues, have the opportunity to understand the principles of dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect and to develop leadership skills.