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Pierce student Daniela Grammatopoulou is Table Tennis champion of Greece

Pierce B Lyceum student Daniela Grammatopoulou is a champion in table tennis and a member of the National Team for youths. In November, she achieved 2nd place in doubles, 5th place in singles and 2nd place in the Panhellenic championship.

She then qualified to the final phase of the Panhellenic Women’s Championship, which will take place from February 29th to March 1 in Chania, as well as in the final phase of Team and Singles Panhellenic Girls’ Championship, which will take place in April.

She has taken part in 3 European championships (2017-2018-2019) as well as in the Ittf Junior Circuit Golden Croatia Open, where she managed to get onto the main scoreboard, as well as in 5 Panhellenic Open Championships, achieving 1st and two 2nd places in three of them.

Congratulations Daniela and the may you always achieve success!