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Pierce Greek Forensics Competition 2023

Pierce Gymnasium and Lyceum organized the 3rd Greek Forensics Competition. The events took place from Friday, March 3 (16:30) to Sunday, March 5, 2023 (17:00). The events were open to students from all Greek Gymnasiums and Lyceums, under the guidance of their teacher advisors.


Each Gymnasium or Lyceum that will participate in the Competition can be represented by:

  • a five-member team of students for Debate,
  • up to three students for Original Oratory and
  • up to three students for the Oral Interpretation of Literature.

The administrators of schools, who are interested in participating in the Games, are invited to fill in the Application Form by Monday, January 16th 2023 and a Statement of Participation with the list of names of the mentor teachers and the students competing by Monday, January 30th, 2023. Pierce, The American College of Greece will make every effort, within reason, to ensure that all schools that register will participate in the Competition, otherwise a first-come, first-served basis will be used, based on the submission time of the participation application form.

The aim of the Competition is to develop students’ skills in the Art of Rhetoric through Oral Interpretation of Literature, Original Oratory, and Debate, and to understand/manage concepts and use their knowledge to respond to the demands of the competition and to develop communication skills.

Students develop their critical thinking and resourcefulness to persuade others through planning and presenting oral speech, reciting a literary text or excerpt, and preparing and delivering an Original Oratory.

Finally, through the Greek Forensics Competition, the aim is to encourage fair play, develop social skills, use and highlight the value of constructive democratic dialogue by invoking techniques of persuasion and adherence to rules.

For any further information you can contact us via email at or by phone you can speak to Mr. Konstantinos Gakis, Ms. Maria Ladas, Mr. Konstantinos Ballos, Ms. Maria – Eleni Pliakostamos or Mr. Panagiotis Polydoropoulos, tel. 210 6009800 (ext. 1169, 1170).