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Pierce Forensics team triumphs at PFA Tournament 2019

The Pierce Forensics Team triumphed at the 2019 tournament of the Panhellenic Forensics Association, which took place at the Mandoulides Schools in Thessaloniki from Thursday, March 28th to Sunday, March 31st. The team was awarded the First Place Sweepstakes Cup with 8 Finalists and 3 Honorable Mentions. Pierce’s Debate Team also prevailed in the Final Debate and was awarded this year’s Debate Cup.

The Finalists were the following:
In Original Oratory: Dimitris Beis (IB2), Stefanie Gaitanidi (A Lyceum) and Victoria Martin Veneti (A Lyceum)
In Oral Interpretation of Literature (Dramatic): Marilena Papoulia (B Lyceum)
In Impromptu Speaking: Dimitris Beis and Theodore Iakovou (A Lyceum)
In Group Discussion: Maria Papangeletou (A Lyceum)
In Duet Acting (Dramatic): Panos Benopoulos and Christina Tsianaka (both IB1), which were awarded First Among Equals.

The students that made up the winning Debate Team were: Andreas Andriopoulos (B Lyceum), Dimitris Beis (IB2), Panagis Gouvelis (A Lyceum), Marilena Hadjicosta (A Lyceum) and Moses Taramboulous (A Lyceum).

The following students received Honorable Mentions:
In Original Oratory: Chris Barboutis (B Lyceum)
In Oral Interpretation of Literature (Comic): Andreas Andriopoulos
In Duet Acting (Comic): Ellie Hadjiandrea and Marilena Papoulia (both B Lyceum)

In the Best Speakers Ranking, two Pierce students appeared among the Top Ten: Dimitris Beis in 5th place and Marilena Hadjicosta in 9th place!