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Colorado REDI Lab and Pierce Fab Lab students create a common project!

The REDI Lab @ CA and The Fab Lab @ Pierce – The American College of Greece are excited to announce a partnership in which students from both schools will participate in a 3-week design challenge.

Launching on November 19, 2020, students will connect, collaborate, and design solutions drawing on their unique experience while practicing creativity and building their empathy skills.

With an emphasis on entrepreneurialism, human-centered design, and fabrication, students from Colorado REDI Lab and Pierce Fab Lab will work to create a project/focused task that includes elements of their heritage, culture, or identity that has to do with a common, real-world problem (like COVID).

The goals of the experience are to:

  • connect with students from a different school and culture;
  • practice the skills of entrepreneurialism, human-centered design, and fabrication;
  • produce the highest quality product within time allotted.