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Pierce students in European Parliament Junior Ambassadors program

A Lyceum students Chistina Servou and Marielia Farmakidou, B Lyceum student Maria Kollia, IB1 student Maria Kontogianni and IB2 student Maria Sourdi were invited by the Office of the European Parliament in Greece, along with their teachers Maria Lada and Elias Minas, and attended the event “Sakharov Prize 2018.” The subject of event was freedom of thought and our students participated in their capacity as Junior Ambassadors in the program “European Parliament Ambassador School” (ΕPAS) 2018. The event took place on Friday, December 14 in the events hall of the European Parliament in Greece.

Officials and representatives of the European Parliament emphasized the importance of the freedom of thought and expression as well as the value of defending human rights. The students had a unique experience, spoke with the officials of the European Parliament in Greece and understood the value of freedom of expression of ideas and opinions both from them as well as from those who for some reason have been deprived of this freedom!