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Pierce debaters in top positions at Deree Spring Invitational Debate Tournament

Pierce debaters once again dominated at this year’s Deree Spring Invitational Debate Tournament. On Friday, April 12th and Saturday, April 13th, eleven members of our Debate Team took part in 5 preliminary rounds, debating in British Parliamentary style.

At the end of the 5th round, five of the debaters (Panagis Gouvelis, Moses Taramboulous, Theodore Iakovou, Spyros Kontos and Marilena Hadjicosta) had qualified to compete in the Semi-Final round, the result of which was that three of them (Gouvelis, Taramboulous and Hadjicosta) moved on to the Final Round!

In the Best Speaker ranking, four Pierce students placed in the Top 10 positions:
Panagis Gouvelis, 2nd
Moses Taramboulous, 4th
Marilena Hadjicosta, 5th
Spyros Kontos, 8th

Congratulations to all our speakers!