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Pierce and Harokopio: collaboration for a healthy life!

Healthy diet and exercise in our life:
Collaboration between Pierce and Harokopio University

The American College of Greece, with appreciation for the vital role that healthy diet and exercise play in our life, is initiating a collaboration with the Harokopio University, for the design of an innovative program of nutritional education and the promotion of physical exercise for its students.

The professors and researchers of the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Harokopio University who are, are going to make an assessment of the existing infrastructure in terms of nutrition and exercise, organize relevant seminars, make recommendations and suggest interventions.

The program is called “Assessment and design of intervention programs for issues of nutrition and exercise for the American College of Greece” and the research team of Harokopio University consists of Dr. Yannos Manios, Professor and scientifically responsible coordinator of the study and Odysseas Androutsos, Associate Professor of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and scientific associate.

Through this program, the students – future adults and future parents – will become familiar with and adopt a well-balanced healthy diet and physical exercise, with the aim of enhancing their physical and psychological health.