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Phillips Exeter Academy and Edge Summer Program with 5 scholarships each for Pierce students

Ten Pierce students will have the opportunity once again this summer to attend two summer programs in the USA with scholarships:
• 5 students will take part in the Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) program and
• 5 students will take part in the Edge Summer Program at the University of Delaware.

The two programs differ in terms of their academic requirements and daily student life. The Phillips Exeter program lasts five weeks and participants attend classes, take part in athletic activities and learn utilizing an innovative way of teaching, the Harkness method, which is based on the Socratic dialectical method. The Edge is a 4-week university program which prepares Lyceum students for their future studies.

Both programs are designed for A and B Lyceum and IB1 students who fulfill the admissions requirements for the program they are interested in applying for. Because the programs are different from each other, every interested student may apply to only one of the two programs. Applications from the same students for both programs will not be accepted.

Those interested in participating in one of the programs must meet the stated deadlines and fulfill all the relevant requirements. Non-fulfillment of these requirements will result in the candidate’s exclusion. At the end of the process, all candidates will be informed about their performance in the interview and will receive suggestions for improvement.

We believe that participation in the selection process itself, for both programs, offers multiple benefits to our students and cultivates valuable skills for both their personal development as well as their academic careers.