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Panhellenic Win in the triple Jump by Tziatziouli!

Athina Tziatziouli, a Pierce student and track and field athlete of Pierce, took part in the outdoor track and field competition, where she managed to conquer the 1st place in her league, to set new individual records in the triple jump, in official competitions organized by SEGAS, the Hellenic Amateur Athletic Association, and finally was called upon to join the Greek National Team of Track and Field in her division.

Athina participated, as part of the Greek National Team K18, in the Balkan Track and Field in the triple jump and the relay races 4×100, in Mavrovounio on June 12th when she emerged as a Panhellenic winner in the Triple Jump which was held in Serres, on July 9th and 10th. She also took part in the international Greece – Cyprus meeting, on July 20th and 21st, in Athens, as a member of the Greek National team K18.