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Panhellenic Exams 2021: quadruple percentage of students who excelled as compared to the Panhellenic average exam scores

Congratulations to class 2021 graduates of Pierce, the American College of Greece for their outstanding performance in the Panhellenic Examinations especially during this particularly difficult and demanding year, with lessons held in the classroom and online! The outstanding candidates of Pierce worked methodically and their efforts were rewarded. Their expectations for entrance into their first choice universities are now realized, as the Pierce students who accumulated more than 18,000 points is almost quadruple as compared to the respective Panhellenic percentage (19.6% versus 5.5 %)!

Quadruple the percentage of excellent students:

  • Points for the entry to Higher Education: almost quadruple the percentage of Pierce students with more than 18,000 points as compared to the respective Panhellenic average scores.
  • Mathematics in Science Studies: 46% of the Pierce students got higher grades than 90/100!
  • Math Economics and IT: Mathematics in Economics and Computer Sciences: percentage of Pierce students that excelled was five times that of the Panhellenic average scores, 12.5% versus 2.7%!
  • Modern Greek Language and Literature: percentage of Pierce students who have excelled is 4.5 times larger than the average Panhellenic scores.
  • Physics: 40% of Piece students got higher than 90/100!
  • Chemistry: percentage of Pierce students who excelled is almost triple that of the average Panhellenic scores.
  • Economics and IT: 65% of Pierce students got higher than 90/100
  • Sociology: 50% of Pierce students got higher than 90/100!

Click on the following link to see the grades of our students in all subject areas compared to the Panhellenic average score.

Congratulations to the people who stood by our students, their Parents, the Administration and Management of our school and especially our Teachers who prepared our students in the best possible way, supported and guided them in this first great challenge, assisted them in their in their exam anxiety management and kept up the long tradition of our school success.

Excellence and distinction are always the reward for hard work and our students make us all, Teachers and School Administration alike, proud of their accomplishments!