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Panel discussion about Global Citizenship and education!

The theme of the English Section of our Sunny Days magazine for the year 2021-2022 was “The 21st Century: Developments, Concerns and Aspirations”. Within this broader theme, we included an extensive section that entailed the topic of global citizenship; what it involves, and what the role of the school is in cultivating the active, global citizen of the 21st century; what skills and competences need to be acquired, and what character qualities need to be cultivated and enhanced.

For the purpose of the aforementioned objective, apart from all the work that the students, in collaboration with teachers and club advisors prepared, throughout the year, members of the Sunny Days team, and their advisor, Sophia Dimopoulou, also organized a panel discussion with representatives from our school, and schools from abroad:

The Representatives from our school were:

  • Maximillianos Vasileiou, Executive Director of Pierce Administration
  • Evita Alexopoulou, Head of the English Department
  • Maria Tourni, IB2, student representative, Editor of the magazine
  • Iliana Mavroeidi, C Lyceum, student representative, panel moderator

The External Participants were:

  • Kathleen Macdonell, Consultant; Education Unites Scholarship Program for Refugees, Deree – Pierce
  • Dr. Daniela Pitt, The Director of Academics, Saheti College, South Africa
  • Louisa Raaschou Petersen, International Coordinator at Gefion Gymnasium, Denmark
  • Jonathan Dey, The Principal of Wesgreen, The International School, Sharjah, UAE

The discussion ended with the performance “The Global Citizen“, created by Theatrical Improvisation Club members, Eftychia Angelopoulou, Christina Kollyri, Efrosyni Giasemi Lampridi, Konstantina Makanatsi, Vasiliki Mallia, Odysseas Sampanis and Natalia Charalambopoulou. Theatrical direction and texts by the club advisor, Ms. Georgina Konsta:

Words, sounds, silence
Bodies, time, dream
Passion, light, music
After all, under everything, life
These are our materials on stage
Where everything is possible
Where the real globalization is
Where the Sunflowers bloom

In an effort to make this endeavor as student – centered as possible, apart from the research done by the team, and the moderator being a Lyceum student, the two student representatives, then worked together with other members of the magazine team, to create a written review of the whole discussion, as well as worksheets that can be modified and used in the classroom!

This is the best way to turn such a project into classroom material! Nothing better than students studying the work their schoolmates have produced.”