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Outstanding Performance of Pierce students in the MUN Conferences 2021-2022!

Nine Pierce students in outstanding positions in the MUN (Model United Nations) Conferences, after going through the interviews and making an excellent impression with their responses! The conferences will be held at schools in Attiki during the academic year 2021-2022.

The Pierce Lyceum and IB students Christopher Fotineli, Maro Tourni, Aria Varotsi, Vasiliki Vasileiou, Iliana Mavroeidi, Nefeli Garoutsou, Tomazina Kontou, Ariadni Papouli and Elena Ioannou who, despite the fierce competition, stood out from their fellow-candidates and in September 2021, will assume the roles of President and Deputy-President on the Committees in the Simulation of the United Nations, in these events. We wish all nine of our students success in carrying out their responsibilities in these demanding positions!