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Opening of MakerSpace Construction Workshop

On Wednesday, October 17, the MakerSpace Construction Workshop, a multi-purpose space with tools, safe workstations and related materials, was officially opened. In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to work, individually and in groups, to create and to experiment in practice. The Construction Workshop has 16 autonomous workstations, where our students, using basic tools, will implement their ideas, having first gotten to know the Workshop and its equipment and become familiar with the Safety Protocol. Apart from this training, projects will be carried out only under the close and strict supervision of the teachers in charge.

A Gymnasium students will get to know the new space and will focus on a simple construction. B Gymnasium students will work in groups, aimed at producing an object that they will have designed themselves. The Workshop will also have a separate space equipped with computers and 3D printers, so that designing will be an integral part of the construction process. In particular, A Gymnasium students will use this space more, as they will create their first model there, a 3D recreation of their room. Lyceum students will use the Workshop mainly during After-School Clubs.

The Construction Workshop will offer our students the ability to learn experientially through the implementation and demonstration of their projects. The goal of the Workshop is learning through exploration and practical experience, taking them beyond classroom teaching. The Pierce Construction Workshop will offer our students one more opportunity to discover their talents, to implement innovative ideas and to acquire unique skills.