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Online “journey” – participation in the Edge Delaware Summer Program in the USA

In the summer of 2020, five Pierce B and C Lyceum and IB1 students, Nelly Papakosta-Sampatakaki, Maria Kolontourou, Athanasia Darzenta, Antigone Papadima and Nicholas Kakos attended the Edge Summer Program (July 12 – August 14) at the University of Delaware, thanks to a scholarship offered by Pierce. The 5 students studied (online) for 5 weeks at the University, along with dozens of students from all over the world, and had a unique experience of distance education, knowledge and college student life.

The Pierce students chose to attend courses in Elementary Human Physiology, Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Life Span Development and Introductory Biology (two courses each) and took part in the Edge Seminar. With the help of their professors, they learned about the human body, its systems and functions, got to know more about the world of entrepreneurship and the contemporary market, and explored the field of Human Psychology. At the Edge Seminar, our students became familiar with the admissions process for American universities, the daily life of college students, as well as the demands of higher education. On Saturdays they had the opportunity to take part in activities, knowledge and talent games, to get to know the other students, and even to get some exercise!

It was truly a unique and exciting experience which these Pierce students will never forget. Due to the circumstances, the students attended their classes online, gained high-level knowledge, got to know interesting people from the other side of the world and promised to meet up someday in person!