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Online distinctions at Greek Rhetorical Competition

On Saturday, January 23 and Sunday, January 24, members of the Pierce Greek Rhetorical Club, Faidon Vomvylas (B Lyceum), Alexandros Kollias (A Lyceum), Elina Lilikaki (B Lyceum), Ioanna Bikou (A Lyceum), Natalia Nikolakopoulou (B Lyceum) and Maria Tourni (A Lyceum) took part in an online Rhetorical Competition, which was organized by the Avgoulea-Linardatou Schools and the Bicultural General Lyceum of Evosmos.

Alexandros Kollias ranked 3rd best speaker and Maria Tourni was 8th best speaker in Debate, from among over 80 student-participants. Faidon Vomvylas and Ioanna Bikou competed in Persuasive Speaking, in which Faidon ranked 9th among 40 speakers. The Pierce Greek Debate team came 10th among the 26 schools that took part.