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Online classes in real time for Pierce students

In response to the critical circumstances of the moment, the Administration and Faculty of Pierce – The American College of Greece began on Tuesday, March 17th to conduct online classes, in real time, for Pierce students. Teachers are making use of the know-how and experience they already possess through the pioneering e-tutoring program, a service that has been offered to our students for the last 8 consecutive years.

From the day school operations were initially suspended, having set in motion the process of asynchronous distance learning (through Blackboard Learn by posting revision exercises and other assignments) and having adapted distance learning in real time to the new situation (through e-tutoring), we proceeded to direct, real-time teaching using an online platform.

Since Thursday, March 12th, the College has been supporting IB students, conducting all classes online through the digital platform Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, in accordance with the regular program. For ΙΒ2 students, all scheduled mock exams were conducted online.

Online classes for C Lyceum students began on Tuesday, March 17th, following a specific schedule which is enriched every day. Starting on Monday, March 23rd, teaching hours were increased in order to cover all of the subjects that are included in the Panhellenic examinations, as well as English (for those students who are going to sit for the Special Exam in English), with a weekly schedule of 18 hours.

On the same day (Monday, March 23rd), online distance learning classes began for all Gymnasium classes and for A & B Lyceum, with a weekly program of 15-18 hours, which covers all of the subjects in the Curricula of each grade level.

In this context, we are attempting to combine the existing asynchronous communication (through Blackboard Learn), with real-time communication (through e-tutoring) and online classes in real time, ensuring for all, students, educators and parents, a comprehensive model of distance education so that we can keep our students engaged in the learning process.

In addition, there is teleconferencing for parents and students with the Counselors for Studies Abroad. Applications for universities abroad are being submitted as usual and, in cooperation with these universities, webinars are being organized. Communication between the Counselor for Career and Labor Market and parents and students is continuing via Skype. The School Psychologist is also in daily communication with parents and students, via telephone and Skype.

In this most difficult, unprecedented situation, the duration of which cannot yet be determined, our students, judging from their participation in online classes, have demonstrated that they are eager to continue the learning process.

We in turn will try to help them in every way possible to achieve their academic goals. Despite the changes in our daily lives, we are putting this into practice, utilizing modern tools and the capabilities provided by technology and the new, digital media.

We wish everyone good health and strength. We hope to see you again soon in our classrooms!