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New Website for Pierce Parents’ Association

The Pierce Parents’ Association has enthusiastically launched its new website, and promises easy navigation, rich content and a modern design.

Following 4 months of hard work and dedication, the Parents’ Association is establishing a more solid presence by presenting its new, modern website, which is full of new content. The new website stands out with its modern design, its enhanced aesthetic, and ease of navigation, highlighting the vision, values and goals of the Association, which has supported the school, parents and students continuously for the last 20 years.

On the new site, visitors can find out about the Association’s activities and events, get help in the Q & A section with answers to everyday questions related to school operation, register easily, as well as learn about the school’s history.

On the new website, there are also: Association announcements and news, discounts on products and services for parents, as well as rich content such as photographs, videos and webinars, so that the visitor can quickly and easily stay connected with developments at Pierce as well as the ACG Community.

The enhancement of the Association’s online presence is a significant step in reinforcing the interaction between Pierce parents and the ACG Community. The Parents’ Association would like to inspire, motivate, create and foster relationships and collaborations among parents.

Therefore, we invite you to visit and register for the new website

We would like to note that the upgrade of the Parents’ Association website would not have been possible without the four months of hard work and dedication by our member, Katerina Tsourtsoula, whom we warmly thank and congratulate on the excellent outcome.

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