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New Webinar from the Pierce Parents’ Association

The 4th consecutive Webinar has been organized by the Parents’ Association to take place on Monday, May 10th at 6:30 p.m., entitled “I define my life,” with Stefanos Xenakis, author of the books THE GIFT.

Through a discussion, the author will try, from his own outlook and contrary to established beliefs, to help us to overturn lies that we have grown up with, lies which steal our lives. He will try to prove to us that, in the end, it is we who define our lives. He will do this with simple truths and everyday stories that happen to us and show us the way, so long as we want to see it.

Subjects such as the following with be discussed:

  • It’s the other guy’s fault (It’s not his fault! I am responsible for my life)
  • It will change him/her (Forget it! You define only yourself, nobody else)
  • When things change (Things will change only when you change. You are the ‘things’!)
  • I cannot say NO (Learn how! NO is the most important word in your life. It is an act of love, setting boundaries and self-protection. It changes lives)
  • I don’t have time (Do you want to bet?)

A very interesting talk and discussion aimed at self-improvement! You can register to take part and send in your questions here: