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3rd Webinar from Pierce Parents’ Association

The third Webinar in a row was organized by the Parents’ Association on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, at 6:00 p.m., entitled: “Our world is changing, are we?: A new concept of Career Management,” with Maria Koutsafti MSc, Career Consultant, Director “Career Associates” & ΝΒCC Greece.

In the talk and in the discussion that followed, answers were given to questions such as:

  • What does successful career path and appropriate educational choice mean?
  • The meaning of Career Management and Development and how much it contributes to the connection between education and the labor market
  • How technology influences future professions – what are the up-and-coming professional sectors?
  • How is the future labor landscape shaping up
  • What skills are emerging as important / essential for the future labor market?
  • What is the role of parents in this process?

You can view the webinar here: