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Neuroscientist, Dr. Volkov discusses with Pierce students

On Friday, April 9 and as part of our CTTL B Lyceum course, we welcomed our third guest speaker for this year, Dr. Marina L. Volkov. Prior to the presentation, our students had carried out extensive research – in different groups – on the reality of mental health issues in Greece (e.g., facilities, available services, societal perspective on mental health) and formulated specific questions which created the backdrop for our guest speaker’s presentation.

Dr. Volkov, a neuroscientist by training, presently doing science policy at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), talked to the students about the various causes and treatment options of mental illness, as well as how to approach mental health issues, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic.

The students had the opportunity to ask questions after the presentation. It was evident from the questions and the comments in the chat that students found the ideas explored engaging and welcomed the scientific perspective offered to them by Dr. Volkov.

Dr Volkov’s presentation was followed up by a second meeting with the school psychologist, Dr Glinou, where students had more time to discuss issues that were brought up in Dr Volkov’s presentation, in a less formal context.

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