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Music unites us: Collaboration of Pierce with the Athens Conservatoire, music lessons for the Elementary School children

The students are inducted into the world of music through group instruction of musical instruments and cultivate their musical aesthetic

Introduction to the magical world of sounds and melodies is what is held in store for the young students in Elementary school as Pierce joins forces with the Athens Conservatoire to offer them lessons in Musical Education. The collaboration between Pierce and the Athens Conservatoire is actualized within the framework of the educational programs, and lessons will be held at Pierce, in the after-school program.

The programs of the Athens Conservatoire, to which all young Pierce students will have access to, are especially designed so that they echo the collaborative learning mode of the school. Each group lesson will be held once a week and its duration will be for 45 minutes. Lessons will start in October and will be completed by June and they concern the learning of music, through group instruction of musical instruments such as the piano, the guitar and the trumpet.

The major benefits of group instruction in music are the following:

  • the opportunity for participation in group music events right from the beginning of the learning experience – development of rhythmic stability
  • broadening of the listening experiences – further cultivation of listening education – development of critical hearing
  • self-confidence in their performance through their participation in a team
  • multi-leveled presentation of new concepts, since students learn the concepts, both from the presentation of their instructor and their classmates
  • stronger foundations are set for the effective supervision of practice and the development of technical solutions to problems
  • the concentration span is extended due to the variety of acoustic stimuli, especially among younger age groups
  • the understanding of theoretical and applied skills, such as harmony, prima vista etc. is enhanced
  • their group musical creativity is developed, enhancing their inner motivation for learning how to play the musical instrument

The Athens Conservatoire is the oldest educational organization for the Performing Arts – Music, Theater, Dance – in modern Greece, while today its iconic building in the center of Athens consists a lively center of civilization and modernity.