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More than a school: a journey into the world of Pierce

What makes Pierce, more than a school?

It is the light, the motion and the life we ​​give to things.

Through our rich academic program, clubs, academies, and scholarships, our students are able develop their personality and talents!

It is the stories that inspire us, and the dreams we make for the future.
Behind our every conquest, however big or little, in innovation, entrepreneurship, science, in the arts and in excellence, lies the great history of our School which, since 1875, has been shaping citizens of the world.

It is what we have achieved and what we strive for, for the first time. Behind every training, race or distinction of our teams, domestically or internationally, lies Pierce’s great athletic legacy that integrates the philosophy of holistic education.

Last but not least, it is the people. Our people!

Those who are always here and those we welcome every year.

At Pierce, students receive the care and guidance of skilled and experienced teachers who will offer them the best a school can offer: high-quality education that will follow them throughout their lives.

It is all this together that makes Pierce… more than a school!

Discover its offerings now!