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Lifeprint from Pierce in the final 10 best student businesses!

“Lifeprint,” the student business of the Pierce Junior Achievement Club has qualified to the final ten of the Panhellenic Student Virtual Business Competition, which will take place online on Saturday, June 12, 2021. At the following link, you can see the analytical presentation of Lifeprint.

The Lifeprint app is a Start-up business, designed by students of Pierce – The American College of Greece, as part of the SEN/JA Virtual Busineses Program, whose goal is to change all of our consumer habits, so as not to burden our environment – either directly or indirectly. The app is for people of all ages who, by using the app, are informed about the ecological footprint of the consumer habits and behavior of themselves and their family, they understand the consequences of their actions and are guided as to how to make conscious choices in their daily ecological behavior, products and services.

In a playful way, the application offers environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday activities (best practices), so that users can improve their daily life and their footprint on the environment in areas such as: nutrition, transportation, purchases, energy and tourism.

The app rewards its users for implementing scientifically best practices in reducing the emission of pollutants with discounts on products, and reinforces “green behaviors” with one additional financial incentive. It collects and promotes products and services that have environmental certification κ (ISO 14001, EMAS, Green key, etc.) and measures the user’s carbon footprint so that he can maintain the desired goal. It also functions as an information hub for users regarding new developments in issues of climate change and ecological actions that the user can take part in. Finally, it can become one more tool in the smooth transition of the state and of businesses to the Green Deal.