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Lecture by Dr. Aik. Delikonstantinidou “Adventures in the Realm of Digital Literature”

On Tuesday, May 3rd, within the framework of the English lesson, the students of three CTTL (Contemporary Themes Through Literature) classes of B Lyceum, participated in an event on the topic “Adventures in the Realm of Digital Literature”, with speaker Dr. Aik. Delikonstantinidou, Lecturer at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA)*. The aim of the lecture was for students to discover literary genres beyond the traditional framework of literature and to see the different aspects of literary artistic style Twitterature, Hypertextual Fiction and Instagram takeover.

A few days earlier, Dr. Delikonstantinidou had shared with the students literary material related to her lecture which the students explored on their own. On the day of the presentation, she explained to them how classic literary texts such as “Romeo and Juliet,” “Dracula” and “Harry Potter” can be approached through Twitter. Also, together they discovered Hypertexts and Hypertextual fiction, and then the students collaborated in small groups, wrote their own answers, and shared their own views regarding these unusual literary genres.

*Dr. Delikonstantinidou is a Lecturer at the English Language and Literature Department, specializing in Digital Theater and American Modernism.