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International School Award 2018-21 for Pierce!

Pierce – The American College of Greece received the British Council International School Award – Full Accreditation for integrating international work into the curriculum. The International School Award is international accreditation that recognizes a school’s commitment to developing global citizens of the future and, at the same time, to giving a global dimension to its curriculum, including the school in a broader global community.

The International School Award accreditation framework assesses a school in the following areas:

• staff development – training and professional development (support of faculty during the preparation for participation in international activities)
• collaborations with partner schools – projects, activities, communication
• curriculum-based work across a range of subjects – global learning
• involvement of the wider community – parents, businesses, social projects

The accreditation lasts for three years (2018-19, 2019-20 και 2020-21), Pierce was also accredited for the academic period 2015-18 and, in order to receive it, each schools submits supporting documents demonstrating its international activities and the positive impact on its students.

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