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IB Diploma Visual Arts exhibition

The IB Diploma Visual Arts exhibition took place for the first time after the covid pandemic, this April. The graduating students of the Visual Arts course of the 2022 cohort were able to exhibit their works that were created during the past two years. The exhibition also included works by students that graduated in 2020 and 2021, which unfortunately were not able to show their amazing work due to the pandemic restrictions.

Participating artists: Frederick Bradlee, Eleni Cristodoulopoulou, Alkmini Karaousoglou, Stefanos Leader, Stefania Vallianou, Elvira Vidaki. Selected works by Eleftheria Gatsiou, Eva Konstantinou, Niki Louloudi, Ifigenia Poulaki (Pierce IB DP graduates 2020), Vasilis Vasileiou, Naomi Sidor (Pierce IB DP graduates 2021).

The exhibition is a basic component of their final evaluation as part of the IB Visual Arts course. Each student is required to present their work of the past two years as a coherent solo exhibition curated by them. They presented their works, ranging from installations to ceramics, painting and digital photography, in the ACG Gallery, a one-of-kind 300 m2 exhibition space inside the College campus kindly offered by Deree. The students discussed their works to the visitors of the exhibition at the opening and provided tours to selected Pierce classes.