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Highest score in the whole country for Angelos Debonos, in the Economics Olympiad!

The highest score in Greece was received by Angelos – Dionysios Debonos, a Pierce C Lyceum student, in the school round of the Economics Olympiad.

The Economics Olympiad is organised by the Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFIM), in cooperation with the Bank of Greece. The competition is being held for the 4th consecutive year, in three phases, with excellent results for our School. More than 3,600 kids from 206 schools all over Greece participated in the School Round, which was held from 19 to 27 March 2024, online, and 328 students qualified for the Regional Round. 75 students from our school participated and 27 of them qualified for the Regional Round. The Regional Round will be held on the weekend of April 27 and 28, at the Hellenic American Union, in person.

Most of our 27 students who qualified (see the names below as announced by the organizers) attended or are attending the school’s Economics Academy this year:

  • A’ Lyceum: Athanasiadis Ioannis, Arvanitaki Ioanna, Geramanis Konstantinos, Grekou Iris, Kambanis Konstantinos, Karikas Antonis, Keratiotis Christos, Kontarinis Apostolos, Maniotis Dimitris, Pantelis Philipos and Tsitopoulos Giorgos.
  • B’ Lyceum: Molho Jacqueline, Andreou Kassandra, Katsieris Lambros, Kapsalis Konstantinos, Balsis Dimitrios, Pasoglou Marios, Seinti Athanasia, Simitzoglou Ioannis, Tzitzimikas Georgios and Fragoulis Konstantinos.
  • C’ Lyceum: Damallas Spyros, Debonos Angelos – Dionysios, Karatzafris Dimitris, Kontovounisios George, Kourdis Konstantinos and Bouloutas Panagiotis.