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Gymnasium Photography Contest: Recreation in your city

The Office of Gymnasium Student Activities announced a Photography Contest for Gymnasium students, on the theme “Recreation in your city.” Our students took photographs of their own meeting places and, with joy and excitement, shared with us their own view of recreation in the city we live in. The photographs were displayed along the Gallery.

At an event during Thematic Week, the results were announced and the winners of the competition were awarded.

The awards were as follows:

1st Prize: Michael Michaelidis, c10 (photograph at the top of the page)

2nd Prize: Elias Georgiou, a7

3rd Prize: Ion Papanicolas, a8

4th Prize: Alexandros Palaiodimos Haralambidis, a7

5th Prize: Christophoros Foteinelis, b9

Honorable Mention: Maira Ioannou, b7

Honorable Mention: Natalia Mistrioti, a7

Honorable Mention: Stamatina Thomadaki-Kyriakopoulou, b6