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Friendly competition for students of Greek Debate Club

On Saturday, February 15, 2020, members of the Pierce Greek Debate Club took part in a Friendly Debate Competition.

Our students competed against the respective team from the Greek-French School Ursulines belonging to the Lasalle Club (competition host), in the context of their preparation for the official competition “Argument & Rebuttal,” which will take place in Athens, and the “VIth Debate Competition,” which will take place at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki.

It was a particularly enjoyable experience for the members of both Clubs, who made up the Gymnasium teams of their schools, taking part in two rounds of debate on the subject: “The Internet should be censored.” An earlier competition had taken place in December at Pierce.

It is also important to note the participation of Lyceum student-members of the Pierce Debate Club, of the Greek-French School Ursulines and of Arsakeio Psychico in a mock trial, a simulation of the justice system for Lyceum students, which took place in the context of their participation in the “Pythagoras” Mock Trials program.