Five scholarships for the Summer Program of Phillips Exeter Academy

November 25, 2016

For the 4th consecutive year, in the summer of 2017, five students of Pierce – The American College of Greece will study in the summer program at Phillips Exeter Academy, on full scholarships. They are George Palaiologopoulos – Vagena, Maria Eleni Koilakou, Alkistis Mavrogalou, Nafsika Diamantopoulou and Dimitris Gkioulis.  The supporter of the entire process is the scholarship sponsor, Mr. Spyros Bouas, whose generosity allows capable and worthy students to benefit fully from the experience of studying at one of the most highly recognized schools in the world and give new impetus to their academic lives.  

A and B Lyceum students were informed about the program and 60 of them declared their interest in being candidates in the selection process.  This process involved an interview before a 5-member Committee, which was comprised of members of the Administration and Directors of the College. The following criteria were taken into consideration:

  • A brief written essay in which they describe their interests and abilities, a person or life experience that has made an impression on them and influenced their progress, as well as the reasons for which they would like to take part in the summer program at Exeter.
  • A graded written assignment in English class
  • A letter of recommendation from the Head of the English Department
  • Their recent grades
  • Their active participation in school activities (which represent the Pierce model student)
  • Information of a financial nature

All of the students that took part in the selection process were invited to present themselves to the Committee, to answer questions and to overcome the anxiety that is to be expected before such a process. Even those that did not make it to the final five admitted that they had had a truly educational experience, supportive of the daily learning process and indicative of commensurate moments that they will experience at the educational institutions they might choose to study at in a few years.         

The teacher responsible for the program is Ms. Mary Petropoulou, ext. 1138, email [email protected] 
In the video below, see the presentation of last year’s program:

For five whole weeks in the summer of 2017, 780 students from 45 countries all around the world will take advantage of the top academic program at Phillips Exeter Academy and, at the same time, they will have the opportunity to discover new interests and multifaceted activities.

For further information, please contact Ms. Mary Petropoulou, tel. 210 6009 800, ext. 1138 or see these links:  and