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Five scholarships for Phillips Exeter Academy 2019 Summer School

The Administration and Lyceum Directors of Pierce – The American College of Greece are pleased to announce our two summer school programs for 2019:

  • the Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) Summer School and
  • the University of Delaware’s Edge Summer College Program.

These two programs are very different summer school programs in both their academic program and student-life experiences. The PEA program is a five week period of academic study, athletics, and personal exploration through the student-centered learning style called Harkness.

Each of these programs is open for students who are currently (2018-2019 school year) Lyceum A, B or IB1 students and meet the admissions requirements for the program of choice they wish to apply to. Because each program is different in its academic offerings, student experience and setting, we are allowing families to only apply to one program of their choice. We will not accept applications from a student for both programs.

Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) Summer School Program

We support five students attending the Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) Summer School Program in New Hampshire, United States on full scholarship, courtesy of our donor Mr. Spiros Bouas. This is the sixth year we have offered the program for Pierce students. The scholarship includes all registration fees for academic courses, campus events, accommodation, airfare and books.

The PEA summer program welcomes 750 students from more than 40 states and 50 countries each summer. The students have full access to Exeter’s campus and its unparalleled academic buildings, library, physical education facilities, art spaces and have the opportunity to experience residential dormitory life away from home. The 2019 PEA Summer School will be held July 1 through August 2, 2019. The objective selection process is comprised of the following steps:

  • Presentation by Past Exonians
  • Submission of Application
  • Announcement of Results for Essay
  • Sit Essay Afterschool
  • Announcement of Interview Candidates
  • Interview Week
  • Finalists announced at end of the round of interviews

In the initial stage, students are presented with the PEA Summer School experience by previous Pierce attendees. The candidates are then requested to declare their interest as candidates with the submission of the completed application form, their written personal statement, a recent photo and a graded English Paper. The personal statement should be written by the student and be the authentic voice of the student. These documents – taking also into consideration the Afterschool Essay – are then reviewed in preparation for an interview of the candidate conducted by a committee of five members. The Committee will evaluate each candidate in the areas of maturity, self-confidence, responsibility, leadership, interest and interaction with his/her classmates. The committee will select students based on the following criteria:

  • Academic aptitude to attend the program.
  • Level of fluency in the English language.
  • Conduct and behavior in Pierce
  • Consistent participation in a variety of in-school and extra-curricular activities.
  • Serving in roles and positions of responsibility.
  • Ability to adapt to new surroundings and activities.
  • Demonstrate in the interview how they match the PEA Summer Schools and its mission.

For both programs it is expected that all deadlines and requirements are met by the applicants, failure to do so may result in the disqualification of the applicant. At the end of this process all candidates are provided with feedback on their performance in the interview and areas for improvement are suggested. We strongly believe that this process focuses upon the acquisition of skills which are beneficial in both their student life as well as their personal life.

For more information, please contact Ms. Mary Petropoulou, tel. 210 6009800, ext. 1138, email: [email protected] or visit