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Five Pierce students in the National Mathematics Olympiad “Archimedes”

Five Pierce Gymnasium and Lyceum students qualified to the 37th National Mathematics Olympiad “Archimedes,” having won distinctions at the 80th Panhellenic Competition “Euclid,” which took place on January 18:

  1. George Karras – Lymberis, B Gymnasium,
  2. Andreas Konstantinou, also B Gymnasium,
  3. Athanasios – Nikolaos Stamou, A Lyceum,
  4. Alexandra Karali, B Lyceum and
  5. Konstantinos Kritharidis, also B Lyceum.

Students from all around the Prefecture, who had already passed the first phase of the competition, “Thales,” took part in the “Euclid” competition. The five Pierce students will compete in the Mathematics Olympiad “Archimedes” on Saturday, February 22.

More and more with each passing year, Pierce students are winning distinctions in student – science competitions, which attests to the steady rise of the academic level and of opportunities for intellectual growth and development for our students, both in their daily classroom learning and in the systematic work done in our after-school Academies.

We warmly congratulate them on their progress thus far and wish them the best of luck!