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First Places in the 7th Greek Forensics Tournament for the Pierce Greek Forensics Club!

The student-members of the Pierce Greek Forensics Club, conquered first places in the 7th Greek Forensics Tournament, which was organized by Anatolia College and held online from Friday, April 1st, to Sunday, April 3rd, 2022:

  • Maria Loukia Mantelou (C6 Gymnasium) placed 1st in Original Oratory
  • Eleftheria – Aikaterini Alexopoulou (C11 Gymnasium) was awarded 1st Speaker in Debate
  • Philippos Pantelis (B9 Gymnasium) placed 1st in Oral Interpretation of Literature and he was a finalist in Impromptu Speech.

In addition, Eleni Manolopoulou (A6 Lyceum) was among the 10 speakers that received distinction in Lyceum Debate.

Eleftheria Aikaterini Alexopoulou (G11), Konstantinos Papadimas (C10) and Maria Rigaki (B1), who were members of the Gymnasium Debate team, competed in the Semi-finals.

Our students had the opportunity to exchange views with their peers on current affairs, to delve deeper and become more sensitive to issues that concern humanity. In the Forensics Club, students develop their critical thinking skills, cultivate their linguistic eloquence, express their concerns and their views, in a courteous and effective way, and practice reading literary texts. The experience of participation in the Forensics Tournament offers unique opportunities for higher order thinking, concise and enhanced expression, self-confidence and ease of communication.

Heartfelt congratulations to all! We wish you success in all your endeavors!