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Final Round of Pierce Business Game – student entrepreneurship in 1st place!

On Friday, May 29, the final round of Pierce Business Game took place for the 2nd year. First place was achieved by the team GODFATHERS, which is composed of B Lyceum students Michael Pitsikos, Christos Andreou, Giannis Georgiopoulos and Christos Alexopoulos.

Second place was achieved by the WONDER_WOMEN, which includes B Lyceum students Christina Servou, Markella Papadimitriou and Antonia Patra.

In 3rd place were GENESIS, consisting of B Lyceum students Konstantinos Tsantis, Nikolaos Tavernarakis, Petros Chondrogiannis and Nikolaos Fasoulas.

There were 15 teams taking part in the final round (out of 42 teams that started out at the beginning of the year), which qualified based on their profitability. All of the participants utilized their business sense, their leadership skills, taking initiative and managing a virtual business efficiently as a team. During the competition, the students simulated real scenarios and made crucial decisions, using the appropriate educational software. The knowledge gained by our students through their participation in the competition will help them in their professional as well as their daily life.

The awards were given to the 3 teams by Vice President, Ms. Iliana Lazana, Lyceum Director Mr. George Vakerlis and the Director for Greece of PRAXISMMT, Mr. Konstantinos Aretaios. GSK PHARMACEUTICALS GREECE was a main supporter of Pierce Business Game.

Despite the fact that he is involved in the most demanding year of his studies, IB2 student George Geronikolopoulos made a special contribution to the organization of the competition, working throughout the year to ensure the best possible outcome. Pierce graduates, Eleftherios Kartakis and Vasileios Malliaris also contributed as volunteers to the competition.