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Exceptional results on the Panhellenic Examinations 2022 – Congratulations graduates!

Three times and four times the percentage of students that excelled in the Panhellenic Exams
Admission to top universities

Every year, our students live up to our high expectations by achieving their high goals in the Panhellenic Exams, ensuring their admission to universities that are in high demand and that correspond to their interests.

So this year, the generation that spent two of the three years in Lyceum learning online has put a smile on our face. The announcement of the pass grades and the names of the successful candidates touched the community of The American College of Greece. We congratulate all the students for their effort as well as their teachers for guiding them over the course of their studies at Pierce. The Pierce candidates, worked methodically and saw their efforts rewarded.

This year, according to the results that were announced:

  • 32 Pierce students are at the Polytechnic Universities of our country. 15 of them got into the National Technical University (4 in the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and 2 in the School of Mechanical engineering).
  • In the field of Health Sciences, 9 of our students entered Medical School (2 of them in Athens) and 1 in the Department of Pharmacy.
  • 11 Pierce graduates will study at the Law Schools (5 of them will study at the Athens University Law School). 2 Pierce graduates, class of 2022 have selected the Department of Psychology.
  • In the Field of Economic Studies and Computer Science, (10 of our students will study at top Departments of the Athens University of Economics and Business (Department of Management Science and technology, Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of Economics, Department of Business Administration. 3 graduates have selected to study in the Departments of Computer Science.
  • Lastly, this year, 55% successful candidates will be students at the Universities of Athens and Pireas!

Our heartfelt congratulations to the graduates of Pierce –The American College of Greece for their exceptional performance on the Panhellenic Exams!

The Pierce students who achieved excellent scores worked methodically and their efforts were rewarded. Their ambitions for entrance into their first choice Universities are now becoming reality, as Pierce students achieved higher scores as compared to the respective Panhellenic average:

  • Ancient Greek Humanities: five times the percentage of students who excelled (11,4% as compared to 2,3%)
  • Mathematics Economics & Computer Sciences: Four times the percentage of students who excelled (22,2% as compared to 5,3%)
  • Modern Greek Language and Literature: the percentage of Pierce students who achieved excellence was three times larger than the Panhellenic grade point average. (2,9% as compared to 1%)
  • Latin in the Humanities: triple the percentage of students who achieved excellence.
  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Computer Science and History: percentage of Pierce students who excelled was more than double the Panhellenic grade point average.

Congratulations to all the people who stood by our students, their parents, the Administration and Directors of our school and most importantly, their teachers who prepared our students in the best possible way, supporting and guiding our children in this first, great trial, assisting them in managing their stress, and maintaining the long tradition of excellence that our school holds!

Excellence and distinction are always a reward for every effort we make, and we are all, teachers and Administrators alike, particularly proud of our students’ success!