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Exceptional distinction in the “Protagoras” competition – Mock Trials!

Pierce students, members of the “Nicomachean” team, achieved 4th place in Greece in the “Protagoras” Mock Trial Competition. The team consisted of students Eleana Antonatou, Viktoria Arvanitaki, Sofia Zacharia, Maria Kachrimanidi and Moses Taramboulous.

The students, who were familiar with the justice system, were asked to present arguments based on evidence, to take on the role or either attorney or witness, and to use structured language. As attorneys or witnesses, they formulated appropriate questions and refuted arguments on issues such as mandatory vaccination, the implementation of a citizen surveillance system for law enforcement, and the policing of the University of Athens Law School.

The “Nicomachean” team, initially competed on Saturday and Sunday, February 22-23 and, thanks to their skills and knowledge, our students qualified to the final round of the Competition, at which they achieved 4th place in Greece. Moses Taramboulous received the Best Witness Award for one of the mock trials.

The experience of participating in the “Protagoras” Competition was an enjoyable and creative educational process for the Pierce students. The participants developed unique skills, collaborated and interacted with their peers, they negotiated and formulated logical arguments in a pleasant and creative environment.