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Excellent students, successful university students, future scientists!

Pierce students from both C General Lyceum and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) worked methodically with dedication, prepared appropriately, and saw their efforts rewarded. We wish our graduates well in their pursuit of acceptance to their top colleges that suit their interests, both in Greece and abroad.

We commend our graduates on their hard work and academic success. We commend their parents and teachers for giving our kids the best start possible during their six years of education, continuously assisting and directing them through this first significant challenge, assisting them in managing exam-related stress, and continuing the school’s long history of success!

Α. General Lyceum – Panhellenic Exams

According to the results that were announced, Pierce students achieved outstanding scores.

  • Mathematics: three times the national pass rate compared to the national rate. Specifically in Science and Math, half of our students (43.9%) achieved excellent scores.
  • History: three times the percentage of excellent students (38.7% Pierce vs. 13% nationally). Four out of ten of our students achieved an honors grade
  • Latin: more than double the percentage of excellent scores compared to the national average (54.8% Pierce vs. 22.7% nationally), which means that six out of ten of our students achieved excellent scores.
  • In Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Economics, the percentage of our students who achieved excellent scores is more than double the national rate.
  • Informatics: Four out of ten of our students scored excellent grades.

Percentages of students who achieved excellence in each subject compared to the national rate:

According to these grades:

  • There will be 35 Pierce students attending our country’s Polytechnical Schools. Of these, nine are admitted to the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).
  • In the field of Health Sciences, 4 of our students have been admitted to Medical School.
  • School of Law will be attended by 5 Pierce graduates; 4 graduates of the class of 2023 selected Communications and Media Studies and another 3 chose to study Psychology.
  • Studies in Economics and Information Technology: 18 of our students will attend top schools of Economics in Athens: Department of Management Science and Technology (AUEB), Accounting and Finance, Economics, Business Administration and Marketing) and another 7 of our students will attend the corresponding schools of other universities. 8 graduates will be studying in IT departments.
  • Finally, 44% of this year’s graduates will be in schools in Athens and Piraeus!

At this link you can see the scaling of scores in each subject for Pierce students, compared to the National Average.

Β. General Lyceum – Studies abroad

31 graduates of the class of 2023 have secured offers of admission to prestigious universities abroad and are even being admitted to the courses they had set as their primary goal, some on full or partial scholarships (average scholarships of $210,000 for all years of study).

Below you can see some of the universities that have accepted our Graduates for the year 2022-23:

United States of America
Boston University Colgate University
Georgetown University Mount Holyoke College
New York University Smith College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Harvard University
Parsons School of Art and Design (Paris Campus) Yale University
United Kingdom
Royal College of Music University of Sussex
City, University of London University of Essex
The University of Edinburgh University of Plymouth
University of Leeds University of Brighton
University of Birmingham University of Reading
University of Southampton University of Surrey
University of Sheffield  Middlesex University
University of Kent University of Portsmouth
Newcastle University  Swansea University
Queen Mary University of London  University of East Anglia UEA
SOAS University of London Coventry University
University of Bristol  Oxford Brookes University
University of Liverpool  Anglia Ruskin University
University of Nottingham Brunel University London
University of Nicosia Switzerland
European University ETH Zurich
The Netherlands Italy
University of Groningen  Bocconi
Eindhoven University of Technology  University of Rome
Vrije University Amsterdam Universita Unicamillus
University of Twente Via Salute San Raffaele
Radboud University Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Tilburg University  
Maastricht University  
Germany Spain
Berlin University of Applied Sciences IE

C. Pierce IB DP

Click on the link to see the successful results of the Pierce IB DP students.

D. Studies at Deree – The American College of Greece

A significant number of 2023 Graduates, taking advantage of the 50% tuition scholarship enjoyed by Pierce graduates, chose to continue at Deree, either independently or in a Parallel Studies program to the public university they entered.