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ESP: Entrepreneurial experiences for Pierce students, passport to new opportunities!

Pierce students Apostolos Anagnostaras, Eirini Kontovounisiou, Michael Mavraganis, Zoe Pangoutsou, Sophia Zacharia, Aikaterini Mamali, Christina Matsaka and Athanasios Papastavrou completed all the required examinations and gained the Entrepreneurial Skills Pass (ESP).

The ESP is an international certificate which confirms that students aged 15-19, through a real business experience, have acquired the knowledge, abilities and skills needed to set up a business and work in a company.

Over the academic year and within the context of the Junior Achievement Club, our students took part in two self-evaluations and an online final exam and all of them succeeded in achieving certification of their theoretical and practical knowledge, along with the essential skills which will provide them with the “passport” to new entrepreneurial opportunities!