Successful Candidates 2017: Congratulations and good luck in your studies!

September 7, 2017

With their admission into institutions of higher learning and, in fact, into top schools, Pierce graduates have taken their first important step towards accomplishing their goals. 9.5% of this year’s candidates achieved total scores of over 18,000 points, which is nearly triple the corresponding Panhellenic average.

Of the 142 graduates of 2017 that completed the Computerized Application Form, 129 succeeded in being admitted to institutions of higher learning. Another 7 candidates achieved scores that would get them into universities if they so desired, but they preferred to choose other options.

Of the 129 successful candidates, 104 (73.2%) have been admitted into Universities and the remaining 25 into ΤΕΙ. Six out of 10 have gained entrance into schools in Athens and Piraeus, which is an important parameter at a time when the cost of studying in another city causes problems for many families. An impressive 42% of those admitted gained entrance into high-demand schools. To be specific: 

  • 7 graduates have been admitted into Law schools
  • 4 graduates have gained admission into Medical schools (of the candidates for the Health and Life Sciences Sector, 30% achieved top scores) 
  • 16 graduates have been admitted into Polytechnic schools (7 into the NTUA) and 
  • 17 Pierce graduates will study in top Economics departments.  

More than 30 graduates of 2017, taking advantage of the 50% scholarship on tuition fees enjoyed by Pierce graduates, chose to continue their studies at Deree – The American College of Greece, either full-time, or in the Parallel Studies program along with the public university into which they were admitted.

At the same time, more than 40 Pierce graduates were accepted into top universities abroad and, indeed, some with full or partial scholarships:


Bentley University (Business / Economics)
Boston University (Biotechnology)
Columbia University (Bioengineering)
Drexel University (Psychology, Business / Economics, Biotechnology)
Emory University (Biotechnology)
Fordham University (International Relations, Biology, Media / Communication)
Hobart & William Smith College - Basketball scholarship (Psychology)
Hofstra University (Business / Economics)
Merrimack College (Psychology)
New York University Abu Dhabi - 3 full scholarships (Computer Science,  International Relations, Business / Economics), 3 out of 4 Greek students to study at New York University Abu Dhabi with full scholarship, are Pierce graduates.
Northeastern University (Biology)
Quinnipiac University (Business Administration / Economics)
Stony Brook University (Psychology, Media / Communication)
Syracuse University (Psychology, Biology, Biotechnology)
The New School NY (Media / Communication)
University of Richmond VA (Business Administration / Economics)
University of Rochester (Business Administration / Economics, Biotechnology)
Vassar College (Biology) 


University of Bristol (Politics, Biology, Chemistry)
University of Brighton (Architecture)
Cardiff University (Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Architecture)
City, University of London (Media / Communication)
University of Exeter (International Relations)
Heriot-Watt University (Mechanical Engineering)
Imperial College, London (Chemistry, Biotechnology)
University of Kent (Psychology, International Relations, Architecture)
Lancaster University (Economics, International Relations, Biology)
University of Leicester (Media / Communication)
University of Manchester (Law, International Relations, Economics, Biotechnology)
University of Nottingham (Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology)
Queen Mary University of London (Law)
University of Reading (Economics, Law, International Relations)
University of Sheffielf (Politics, Chemistry, Arcitecture, Biomedicine)
University of Southampton (Mechanical Engineering, Biomedicine)
University of Surrey (Mechanical Engineering, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Media / Communication)
University of Sussex (Law, International Relations, Economics, Politics)
University of Warwick (International Relations)
University of York (International Relations, Biotechnology)


Webster University - Leiden Campus (Biotechnology)
Amsterdam University College (Chemistry, Liberal Arts/Science)
Delft University of Technology (Biotechnology)
University of Groningen (Biotechnology)
Leiden University (Economics, Psychology)
Maastricht University (Economics, Biotechnology)

The Administration and Faculty of Pierce congratulate our graduates of 2017, our country’s future professionals, and we wish them the best of luck in their studies.