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Educational visit to the exhibition “The Musicality of Sculpture”, at ACG Art Gallery

As part of the school’s events, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its presence and operation in Greece, the ACG Art Gallery of the American College of Greece hosted the retrospective exhibition of the distinguished sculptor Athena Politopoulou-Kargsten, with the title “The Musicality of Sculpture.”

On Wednesday, January 17, Gymnasium and Lyceum students, members of the afternoon club “Art Academy” and the morning club “Love4art,” accompanied by the teacher Advisor, Mrs. Stella Karageorgiou, had the opportunity to talk with the sculptor and to get closer to the aesthetics, rhythm, and musicality that her sculptures exude as they interact with the environment. The discussion with the students, moderated by Ms. Ioanna Papapavlou, curator of the exhibition, who was also in charge of the tour, included references to the sculptor’s early works, which focus on the female form and their evolution into forms of geometric abstraction, in their more modern version. An important work is “Melodic Rays, 1992,” which attracted the interest of the students from the very beginning, as they discovered that the artist succeeded in combining the play of light, shadow, and shapes of visual art with musical abstraction.

The students left with the best impressions of the excellent exhibition, which they were lucky enough to visit, and even in an exhibition space of the college, of the warm, calm, and dynamic personality of the artist, a graduate of Pierce, as well as of the nice tour of Mrs. Ioanna Papapavlou.