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Educational collaboration between the American College of Greece and the Antetokounmpo family

The American College of Greece launches an educational partnership with the Antetokounmpo family, aiming to provide meaningful opportunities for young people to be inspired, to work hard, to gain confidence, to develop a balanced character, with the tools of education and sports to prosper personally, academically and professionally.

“We created the Charles Antetokounmpo Family Foundation (CAFF) to honor our father, Charles, who taught us that each of us has a responsibility to help our fellow human beings realize their dreams,” said brothers Giannis, Kostas, Thanasis, Alex and Francis Antetokounmpo in a joint statement. “Our journey is proof that investing in others can unlock the potential of every individual – no matter where they start or what difficulties they face. Our vision is to both unlock and fuel opportunities that allow everyone to reach their full potential. We believe deeply in the power of good mentoring, education and sport and are committed to providing opportunities for the next generation.”

The Foundation is now expanding its actions and, in collaboration with The American College of Greece, is creating a programme which, every year for the next 5 years, will support young people with limited financial resources as well as refugees, offering them scholarship opportunities, life skills and access to higher education, in two interlinked pillars:

  • The American College of Greece’s educational curriculum, with annual life skills and leadership development workshops and mentoring for more than 100 boys and girls aged 10-17 participating in the AntetokounBros Academy. The workshops will be conducted by Educators at the Pierce Campus, the institution that, with a 150-year tradition, now offers high-quality education to more than 2,500 primary and secondary school students.
  • The pathways program, which will offer 24 scholarships to an equal number of outstanding secondary school graduates to attend Deree – The American College of Greece. Four recipients will be graduates of AntetokounBros Academy and twenty will be scholarship recipients of Education Unites, a program of The American College of Greece for refugees, immigrants and students far from their place of residence.

“This year, we celebrate 100 years since the relocation of The American College of Greece. We can think of no better way to celebrate this anniversary than to enrich our educational tradition with the vision of the Antetokounmpo family, forging a shared path of education and hope for a better future,” said Dr. David G. Horner, President of the College. “Always drawing inspiration from the School’s motto, ‘To serve, but not to be served,’ the American College of Greece is focused on providing the best possible education to thousands of students each year, including a large group of refugee students,” Dr. Horner added.

“This collaboration is centered on respect for diversity, a concept that enriches the learning environment and fosters a sense of belonging,” said Senior Vice President of Administration and Pierce, Ms. Iliana Lazana. “Both partners are committed to supporting young people of different nationalities, religions, backgrounds and genders to build relationships, develop skills and realize their dreams,” added Ms. Lazana.

“We start this collaboration with a shared vision and commitment to inclusion and creating a model for a better society,” the Antetokounmpo brothers added. They expressed confidence that this partnership will leave a positive footprint and provide meaningful help to families in need of support. And this is just the beginning!
For more information, visit the AntetokounBros Academy website and the respective College website.