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Distinctions in the 10th Interschool Competition of the Art of Rhetoric

On Saturday 3, and Sunday 4 February, the members of the Greek Rhetorical Club of Pierce participated in the 1st Interschool Rhetorical Art Competition for Gymnasium and Lyceum, organized by the Avgouleas – Linardatou Schools. Students from 45 public and private schools took part in the Competition.

  • The students who participated in the competition of Debate for Lyceum students were Eleftheria Aikaterini Alexopoulou (B Lyceum), Demosthenes Galanis (B Lyceum), Charilaos Zygogiannis (A Lyceum), Emmanuel Koukos (A Lyceum) and Eugenia Pata (A Lyceum). The Lyceum students who participated in the Impromptu Speech competition were Victoria Karamitrou and Maria Lucia Mandelou (B Lyceum).
  • The Lyceum Debate team took 14th place.
  • Victoria Karamitrou won 5th place and Maria Lucia Mandelou 7th place.
  • The students who participated in the Gymnasium Debate competition were Konstantinos Andreou (C Gymnasium), Aikaterini Drakopoulou (C Gymnasium), Aikaterini Zygogianni (C Gymnasium), Adrianos Prineas (C Gymnasium) and Panagiota Tsoulou (B Gymnasium). The participants in the Gymnasium Impromptu Speech were Dimitrios Vagiokas (B Gymnasium), Lambros Papageorgiou (A Gymnasium) and Christos Angelos Hotzagiannoglou (A Gymnasium).
  • The Gymnasium Debate Team won the 6th place.

Our students gained valuable experience from their participation in the Competition and are already preparing for new successes!