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Distinctions for Pierce students in the 9th Competition of the Art of Rhetoric

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February, the members of the Pierce Greek Rhetoric Club participated in the 9th Interschool Rhetorical Art Games for High Schools organized by Avgouleas-Linardatou Schools. Our students competed with students from 49 other schools.

The Lyceum students participated in the competition of Debate: Elina Alexopoulou (A’ Lyceum), Dimosthenis Galanis, (A’ Lyceum), Angelos Kotsikas (B’ Lyceum), Eleni Manolopoulou (IB1) and Alessandro Beggiora (B’ Lyceum). In the Lyceum Impromptu Speech competition, the participants were Victoria Karamitrou and Ioanna Mastorokosta (A’ Lyceum). The student Victoria Karamitrou won the 1st place (see first photo).

The Gymnasium students who participated in the Debate competition were: Aikaterini Zygogianni (C Gymnasium), Kappa – Stratigopoulou Aikaterini (B Gymnasium), Dimitris Beggiora (B Gymnasium), Adrianos Prineas (B Gymnasium) and Maria Rigaki (C Gymnasium).

In the Lyceum Impromptu Speech Contest, Nafsika Kamari – Sakellariou achieved the 3rd place (see photo above).

Our students enjoyed their participation in the competition, gained experience which is valuable for their future and are already preparing for new successes in the next competitions! Congratulations to everyone!