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Competition of Youth Entrepreneurship “Diamond Challenge”

Pierce – The American College of Greece organizes the 4th Panhellenic Student Competition of Entrepreneurship “The Diamond Challenge” which is addressed to students of General Lyceum of Public and Private Schools from all over Greece. This competition has been held since 2012 in 35 countries under the auspice of Horn School of Entrepreneurship, University of Delaware (

The purpose of the competition is to give the opportunity to Lyceum students to work in teams, to acquire knowledge using the experiential method, to cultivate skills, to experience an entrepreneurship activity, to solve problems, to use technology for the implementation of their ideas and to create, regardless of their future career.

The theme of this year’s competition for Greece is “Social Innovation”. Each idea that is submitted must contribute to the solution of a social problem and have a positive impact on the citizens, the community, and the environment. The participation of the students and the schools in the program is free. The language used in the competition is English.

The competition is carried out in 5 phases:

  • First phase: electronic registration of teams at the website The registration deadline is Friday, January 7th 2022. Along with the registration, an innovative idea must be submitted in the area of “Social Innovation”.
  • Second phase: under the auspice of The American College of Greece (6, Gravias St. Agia Paraskevi, Attiki, 15342), on Saturday, February 26th 2022, the teams will present their ideas (5 minutes) and answer questions by the members of the Judging Committee (3 minutes). In the Judging Committee, there will be educators from high school and universities as well as distinguished figures in the field of innovation, social responsibility and entrepreneurship. The Judging Committee will select the team which will take part in the next phase, and represent our country.
  • The next three phases: Semi-finals, Top Twenty and Final Phase, as well as the award ceremony will be held at the University of Delaware in Newark, U.S.A., from Thursday, April 21st till Saturday, April 23rd 2022.

If you have any queries or need clarifications, you can contact Mr. Michael Theodosopoulos, the Economics teacher who is in charge of the Competition (