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Commencement of the Class of 2021!

Good luck to the Graduates of 2021, with distinctions and successes always!

On Tuesday, July 6, the seniors of the Lyceum and the IB of Pierce – The American College of Greece, the Class of 2021, celebrated its Commencement in the Stadium of the American College of Greece. The 229 graduates of C Lyceum and IB2 said farewell to Pierce, wearing their caps and gowns and singing once again the College Alma Mater. Parents, teachers, friends and the evening’s official guests offered their best wishes to the Graduates for good careers and lots of success in their lives. At the link which follows, you can see the Commencement 2021 Program.

The President, Directors and Teachers of the Gymnasium and Lyceum wished for the best results on the Panhellenic and other Exams, for good careers and many successes! The Guest Speaker for the evening was Dr. Deborah Jewell Sherman. Dr. Deborah Jewell-Sherman is the first woman to hold the title “Professor of Practice” at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She served as Superintendent of Schools in Richmond, Virginia and has been honored with the Outstanding Graduate Award from New York University and the Harvard Morningstar Family Award, in recognition of her excellence in teaching. Dr. Jewell-Sherman began her collaboration with Pierce as a visiting lecturer, speaker at the Black Literature Festival on the subject “Black Lives Matter” and pro bono consultant in educational planning for the Pierce Elementary School.

The graduating class was greeted by the President of the American College of Greece, Dr. David G. Horner and then the Awards Ceremony took place. The President’s Award was given to Vasiliki –Maria Loukaki, the senior with the highest average in the English language (19.5) and the Minnie Mills Award to Haralambos Seimanidis, the senior who was an exemplary leader within the school community. The academic achievement awards were given to the seniors who had the highest overall average over all three years of study in the Lyceum. Konstantinos Kritharidis and Marilena Hadjicosta were named Valedictorians, with a grade of 19.9. The IB academic achievement awards were given to the students who achieved the highest cumulative grade on the IBDP exams. With a grade of 45/45, this year’s IB Valedictorians were: Louiza Apostolidi and Amerissa Zotou.

B Lyceum student Georgios Ploumis was this year’s recipient of the Harvard Prize Book but, due to his participation in the International Young Physicists’ Tournament, George was not present to receive his award. The Harvard Prize Book is given to the student who had an excellent academic performance and ethos, and received distinctions in a variety of school activities. Pierce is the first and only school in Greece that gives this particular award and, according to the protocol, the name of the student was submitted to Harvard University for their approval. Two seniors, Maria Gkorou and Louiza Apostolidi, as representatives of the graduating class, delivered speeches in Greek and in English, respectively, and the ceremony ended with the awarding of English Language diplomas.

At the link which follows, you can watch Commencement 2021.

Good luck in your lives, graduates of 2021. We will always follow your successes with pride and emotion!